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the world leader in the diagnosis,
prevention and treatment of hair loss.

Welcome to DHI Medical Group, a global pioneer in hair restoration since 1970. DHI Medical Group is unique in the world of hair restoration in having created its own technique: The Direct Method of Hair transplants. The company’s legacy dates back to 1970 in Palo Alto in California where the first clinic was founded. Over the past 50 years DHI Medical Group has dedicated itself to a single goal: of innovating and delivering the best solutions in hair restoration to hair loss sufferers around the world.

Widely acclaimed by researchers, practitioners and customers as the global leader in hair restoration, the company continues to lead innovation in the world of hair transplants through its own research and development centres, partnerships with top global universities and a global board of advisors including the most accomplished dermatologists and scientists in the world.

The company has been awarded both EU and US patents.


Established in Sri Lanka in 2013, DHI Colombo has a history of seven years. At present, the DHI Colombo Clinic has been able to treat hair related diseases of over 2000 Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka alone. Many popular people in Sri Lanka have availed hair transplant treatments through this clinic. In addition to such celebrities, DHI Colombo is ready to provide its services equally to anyone from different parts of Sri Lanka, having different economic conditions. The DHI Colombo Clinic is currently the only clinic in the DHI Global Medical Group. No other branch affiliated to it is currently operating in Sri Lanka.



DHI Medical Group has over the past 50 years treated more than 250,000 hair loss sufferers. The learnings of all these years have been built into the only set of quality control protocols for Hair restoration called the TOTAL CARE SYSTEMTM.

Every DHI clinic, surgeon and employee around the world undergoes a comprehensive training on the Total Care System and must adhere to the processes defined therein. DHI’s Total Care System SOPs have been evaluated and certified both by the UK’s Care Quality Commission as well as ISO.

Every DHI procedure is performed by a Master Surgeon trained and certified under the Total Care System. DHI Medical Group constantly monitors each surgeon’s adherence to the protocols and every single procedure performed in every DHI clinic around the world is assessed by a group of Medical Directors. This ensures that every Client in every DHI Clinic around the world is the offered the best possible hair restoration treatment.